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You want to work from home and you’ve been scrolling through dozens of job sites where you always notice job entries such as Virtual Assistants. You wonder what a Virtual Assistant is, what their responsibilities are, or how does one even become a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines?


What’s a Virtual Assistant?


A Virtual Assistant or a VA is a self-employed worker that offers administrative services to clients while working from home. They operate remotely to perform tasks such as e-mail management, scheduling appointments, customer service, phone management, travel arrangements, and even social media management. Some VAs also specialize in a more specific skill set like blog writing, bookkeeping, marketing, graphic design, and search engine optimization.


Here is a list of where to apply and become a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines:



1. PhilTeamFinder


PhilTeamFinder is a recruitment business with clients around the globe. Jobs vary as tasks are diverse and you will be purely working in the comfort of your home. Tasks extend to content writing, admin work, editing media, developing websites, etc. It really depends on the employer and PhilTeamFinder will find the best fit for your skillset. You can work part-time or up to 40 hours a week depending on the employer and your availability.

How to Apply?

Applying is really easy. You just have to fill out a few fields and upload your resume and you will be contacted by them for a pre-screening process. Be sure to check your e-mail!

The pre-screening process will consist of an audio call on Skype and you will be asked to take a series of assessment tests. Don’t fret! These tests are fairly easy and manageable. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection and that you have no other distractions. If you have other plans for the day, do not worry, PhilTeamFinder can reschedule the assessment tests for you. The tests consist of an English proficiency exam and a skills exam. Here they will get to gauge your skills and properly categorize you for future clients that may take an interest on your profile.

Once PhilTeamFinder accepts your application, they will send you an e-mail regarding job opportunities and interviews.

Here’s the best part: the minimum rate that you will receive per month is P25,000 (~$500) and may be even higher depending on your skillset and the employer.

Check them out and start working from home! Also, read their FAQs!

2. Hello Rache

If you studied a medical course, had a medical background, worked in a clinic, worked in a medical account, or is knowledgeable on medical practices — Hello Rache is the best one for you. They are a recruitment business specifically recruiting Healthcare Virtual Assistants or HVAs.

You must be wondering what Healthcare Virtual Assistants are compared to other regular Virtual Assistants, right? HVAs and regular VAs have common tasks such as admin tasks but HVAs are also trained to be knowledgeable and use the records system, are HIPAA certified, trained to know how to do medical billing, live transcription, prior authorization, patient care, and even customer service. They are ready to train you of all that I mentioned and even more for free. You read that right! Completely free! 

Hello Rache has an enormous amount of employers around the US and HVAs in the Philippines are continually increasing by the day. If you want to have the ability to work from home and have a long-lasting work relationship with a client, apply to become a Healthcare Virtual Assistant now!

How to Apply?

Applying is fairly easy. Prepare your resume and upload it on their application site. It will be a plus, too, if you have your NBI Clearance, diploma/TOR, any certifications, and your government ID prepared. Take a clear picture of each and upload them on the site. You will also have to make a 1-minute video introducing yourself, a speed test, and a typing test. That’s it!

They will contact you soon via e-mail so make sure to check your e-mail regularly. Once they contact you, you will be scheduled for an exam. It’s an easy one, don’t worry! They will show you three videos and you just have to do a bit of documentation for each of them. You will be given a template and a set of instructions so you just have to put in what you hear and see.

Hello Rache will contact you once more if you pass the exam. If you don’t, it’s okay!  You can re-apply again as the exams are handled every week. When you finally do, Hello Rache will set a final interview with you and once you pass that, too, training will take place.

Training in Hello Rache is conducted in batches. You will not receive any compensation for this as the training and certification is usually offered outside for a fee. However, in Hello Rache, they will train you for free! Training time will start at 11 PM to 8 AM (8 AM to 5 PM AZ time). Training usually takes 4 weeks to finish but extends to 8 weeks for others that might need more practice.


3. Upwork


Here’s a popular one: Upwork. You can never go wrong with Upwork. Sign up and follow the instructions and wait until you get accepted. Once you are in, you look for jobs that will suit your skillset. You send proposals to the job poster and wait for them to accept you! You have to make your proposal the best one there is. It’s like pitching a business idea in the Shark Tank. You have to catch their attention with how confident you are in your skills and convince them how you’ll help them make their work easier.

Upwork has a variety of job postings. If you’re looking to be a Virtual Assistant, a lot of companies post on the website in search of VAs. If you’re looking to work as a graphic designer or even a voice actor, available jobs are there.

4. Fiverr


Lastly, we have Fiverr. Here we offer our services and skills to potential clients. For you to land a job as a Virtual Assistant, you will brand yourself with the skills that you have, services you can do, experience you had — basically, your portfolio will be on Fiverr and employers will be the one looking for you.

You will have to make an eye-catching gig so that you will be noticed. Get creative and make yourself known!


Becoming a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines is not as hard as it sounds. You just have to explore your options and know where you want to work in. Continue honing your skills. Learn something new. Take a new online course. Watch YouTube tutorials. Practice and never give up!


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